Press Release Walls Guaranteed Spot on Ballot


December 4, 2014 (Chicago)

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Mayoral Candidate Walls Guaranteed Spot on February Ballot

The Chicago Board of Elections deadline for filing objections to the Nomination papers submitted by candidates for the upcoming Chicago Mayoral election was reached Wednesday December 3, 2014 at 5:00 PM.

William “Dock” Walls emerged as one of only three mayoral candidates whose Nomination Papers passed without objection. Thus, Walls is guaranteed a spot on the February 24, 2015 ballot. The remaining seven mayoral hopefuls, whose Nomination Papers were thoroughly reviewed and objected to in detail, will be required to prove the truthfulness of their statements and the legitimacy of their petition signatures.

Walls is the only African American candidate for mayor whose Nomination papers were without objection.

According to Walls, “History has shown that few survive the arduous Chicago Board of Elections verification process. Thus the field of candidates for the upcoming Mayoral election will be much thinner than originally anticipated.”

The Nomination papers submitted by candidate Rahm Emanuel have been challenged and, therefore, he is not yet a certified candidate for re-election.

Walls said “I am thankful to our many campaign volunteers who worked unselfishly and tirelessly in support of our efforts to collect the signatures of tens of thousands of registered voters. Glory be to God.”

As an official candidate for Chicago mayor, Walls will now concentrate on fundraising and enlarging his base of support.