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William Dock Walls Bio

William “Dock” Walls, III is a community and political activist. He attended Horace Mann Elementary and Chicago Vocational High School, and was a member of the 1974 Public League Championship Football team. Dock enrolled at Tuskegee University, and graduated with honors in 1980. In 1986, Walls graduated from IIT-Chicago-Kent College of Law. He is not an active member of the Illinois bar.

During the late Harold Washington’s successful campaign for the office of Mayor of Chicago, Bill Dock Walls helped to organize the Lawyer’s Committee for Harold, served as president of Law Students for Washington and as Assistant Scheduler. As a key member of the Washington administration, Dock served as Confidential Assistant to the Mayor, from 1983 to 1986.

Bill Dock Walls served as National Political Director to Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH, served as the main Illinois surrogate for John Kerry in his 2004 bid for U.S. President, was a Candidate for Mayor of Chicago in 2007, 2011, and 2015.

"I am in the race for Chicago Mayor because involvement in government at this highest level provides an epic opportunity to positively impact people’s quality of life."

About the Campaign

Walls For Mayor is the most advanced effort to elect a Community First Chicago Mayor. This well-coordinated campaign is powered by a broad-based group of ethnically and geographically diverse concerned citizens. In addition to having the most plausible and viable campaign platform, we are bold and energetic. We are the only campaign team offering the average voter some degree of certainty in regards to the 2015 Chicago Mayor's race.

As Mayor, I will unify this city by promoting cultural, and diversity sensitivity among people of all races, ages, sexual orientations, and religious persuasions. I will bring Chicago together as one complete community so that all Chicagoans have an equal opportunity to prosper, and proudly embrace their unique distinctions. Our administration will make sure everyone is treated fairly and none are neglected. We will provide unprecedented support to all people, throughout the entire city, and enable them to follow their dreams.

My highest priority will be to establish irreproachable Public Safety Services. Through public initiatives, private initiatives and comprehensive tax reform we will stimulate the City's economy to foster Full Employment. We will develop and efficiently maintain our Public Infrastructure; Enrich the Department on Aging to ensure the health and well being of our Senior Citizens; Provide a superior Public School Education for each and every individual child; Program the Mayor's Office of Employment and Training to train and re-train adults, and end corruption in Chicago.

Additionally, we will change the focus of city government from beautification and infrastructure improvement to Economic Development. Our goal is to provide Chicago businesses the wherewithal to compete in the National and Global Economy and bring new revenue, jobs, and Industry back to Chicago, Illinois. Over the next 4 years, I will use $1 Billion of the city council approved $7.6 Billion Capital Improvement Program to Create 50,000, Self-perpetuating, Private Sector Jobs.

Furthermore, the Walls For Mayor Campaign has developed an initiative entitled, "Grocers Community Owned and Operated" This Public-Private Partnership is a Government Funded and Community Driven project which will take four years to complete. It shall result in the creation of 20 Big Box Grocery stores, 60 mid-sized Neighborhood Markets, an estimated 5,000 Construction jobs, 20,000 permanent Grocery Store Industry jobs, and 25,000 residual, self-perpetuating, private sector jobs.

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